Hold My Hand At Twilight sub all (finalizado)


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Hold My Hand At Twilight sub all (finalizado)

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1Temporada 1 Jan. 17, 2023


Asagi Soramame is a young lady who grew up in rural Kyushu before she follows her childhood friend-cum-fiancé to Tokyo. Soramame is often called a «monkey» or a «boar» due to her wild nature, but she eventually dreams to do something relating to fashion. Umino Oto, on the other hand, is an aspiring musician and has a contract with a record company, but has been in the doldrums and usually works part-time at a coffee shop. This is the story of a fateful encounter of the two as they pursue their dreams while living together in a boarding house.




Suzu Hirose isAsagi Soramame
Asagi Soramame
Ren Nagase isUmino Oto
Umino Oto
Momoko Tanabe isKanno Seira
Kanno Seira
Mari Natsuki isYukihira Kyoko
Yukihira Kyoko
Kenichi Endo isKuon Toru
Kuon Toru
Mario Kuroba isHazuki Shin
Hazuki Shin
Rikka Ihara isTanzawa Chiharu
Tanzawa Chiharu
Wakana Matsumoto isIsobe Makiko
Isobe Makiko
Kawakami Yohei isYukihira Sosuke
Yukihira Sosuke


Hold My Hand At Twilight sub all (finalizado)

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