The Legend of Anle sub all (finalizado)


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1Temporada 1 Jul. 12, 2023


A heart-wrenching tale between Ren Anle, the sole survivor of a clan falsely accused of treason against the imperial family and Crown Prince Han Ye who has fallen for her.

Di Ziyuan is a righteous woman who cares for the common people. A descendant of the founding fathers of the nation, she loses everything and everyone she loves due to unforeseen events. Unwilling to be shackled by fate, she takes the name Ren Anle and decides to do what she can to help the victims of war. While she aspires to restore peace in the land, she also conducts her own investigation to clear her family’s name.




Dilraba Dilmurat isRen Anle / Di Ziyuan
Ren Anle / Di Ziyuan
Gong Jun isHan Ye
Han Ye
Liu Yuning isLuo Mingxi
Luo Mingxi
Xia Nan isAn Ning
An Ning


The Legend of Anle sub all (finalizado)
The Legend of Anle sub all (finalizado)
The Legend of Anle sub all (finalizado)

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