Nothing but you all sub (finalizado)


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1Temporada 1 Mar. 27, 2023


Liang Youan, a workplace elite who entered the bottleneck period of life, and Song Sanchuan, an athlete who was always a substitute, both joined a grass tennis club by chance. Liang Youan was a half-way club manager, and Song Sanchuan also switched to a tennis player from badminton. The two and their teammates worked together to overcome difficulties and strived to build an amazing professional club. In the process, Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan gradually fell in love, along with conflicts in ideas and experience. As the club continued to develop, they surpassed themselves and strengthened trust in dealing with challenges, and ultimately gained professional growth and sweet love.




Leo Wu isSong San Chuan
Song San Chuan
Zhou Yutong isLiang You An
Liang You An
Jiang Peiyao isLuo Nian
Luo Nian
Zhu Yongteng isJiang Jie
Jiang Jie
Zhang Tao isZhang Yan [San Chuan's coach
Zhang Yan [San Chuan's coach
Xia Haoran isJiang Jiao Jiao
Jiang Jiao Jiao
Ma Fanding isLiang Tao
Liang Tao
Li Qing isChen Zhe
Chen Zhe
Ma Boquan isDai Yi
Dai Yi


Nothing but you all sub (finalizado)
Nothing but you all sub (finalizado)
Nothing but you all sub (finalizado)
Nothing but you all sub (finalizado)

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