Go Back Couple: 1×3

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Jin Joo and Ban Do thought their return to 1999 was a miracle that was to last one night. Contrary to their belief, they woke up the next day still stuck in 1999. Ban Do, who believed that he was the only one to travel back in time, finds out that Jin Joo has also come with him. The two agree not to get involved with one another and live new lives.

Episodios: Ves el Ep 3 de la temporada 1

Reparto Principal

Jang Na-ra isMa Jin-Joo
Ma Jin-Joo
Son Ho-jun isChoi Ban-Do
Choi Ban-Do
Heo Jung-min isAn Jae-Woo
An Jae-Woo
Han Bo-reum isYoon Bo-Reum
Yoon Bo-Reum
Jang Ki-yong isJung Nam-Gil
Jung Nam-Gil
Go Bo-gyeol isMin Seo-Young
Min Seo-Young
Lee Yi-kyung isGo Dok-Jae
Go Dok-Jae
Cho Hye-jung isCheon Seol
Cheon Seol
Kim Mi-kyeong isGo Eun-Sook
Go Eun-Sook
Lee Byung-joon isMa Pan-Seok
Ma Pan-Seok

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