Love in Contract: 1×4

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Sang-eun is embarrassed when Ji-ho’s envelope contains tickets to the concert, not divorce papers. Ji-ho’s chief judge and Sang-eun and Ji-ho run into each other by chance at the concert hall, and the two of them extend their contractual marriage.

Because of Sang-eun 13 years ago, Madame Yu, who lost everything she had accumulated so far, is trying to recover again and is in a bigger crisis. Sang-eun saves her out of love and hatred for Madame Yu, and gives up on retirement.

Meanwhile, Hae-jin gets a headache from false rumors…

Episodios: Ves el Ep 4 de la temporada 1

Reparto Principal

Park Min-young isChoi Sang-eun
Choi Sang-eun
Go Kyung-pyo isJung Ji-ho
Jung Ji-ho
Kim Jae-young isKang Hae-jin
Kang Hae-jin
Jin Kyung isYoo Mi-ho
Yoo Mi-ho
Kang Hyung-suk isWoo Gwang-nam
Woo Gwang-nam

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