War Of Y The Series: 1×4

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TTV has announced that its new main actors are Nott and Pharaoh who is also under the same agency of Pun. Pun is furious at Nott for stealing his chance and at Khoon for betrayal and getting Pharaoh to sign into TTV. Pun goes back to reproach Khoon, and after seeing her phone, Pun realizes that all those meetings and dinings with highly authorized people are not about signing contracts, but they were just for entertaining them. Pun is very furious now; he breaks off any relations with Khoon immediately. Nott tries to give Pun a hand, but Pun insists on handling it himself. Pun blocks Khoon and Pharaoh from meeting with the station executives. However, during the chaos, Pun finds another truth that Pharaoh and Nott had a relationship before.

Episodios: Ves el Ep 4 de la temporada 1

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